Quality and Environmental Efforts

Quality and Environmental Efforts

Quality Policy

Our people must observe edict, quality improvement, technical development, and provide satisfactory service to our customer. Through our business policy, we believe we would be able to make a social contribution.

Environmental Policy

Fundamental Principles

We, Moricho Corporation, located Awaji Island where still remain the pristine wilderness area. This circumstance enables us to expand ourselves by Marine Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Architecture along with local area.

In recent years, a spreading awareness of the need to achieve sustainable development and good compatibility between the environment and economic activity has prompted companies to rapidly step up environmental preservation efforts
Without missing this wave, we conserve “coexistence of people and nature” for contribution to society and environment while developing ourselves.

Fundamental Policy

Based on above fundamental principles, we conduct environmental conservation activities with below;

  1. Looking at situation of environmental effects, improving environmental situation to the extent possible technically and economically, moreover, periodically reviewing environmental management through our business activity
  2. Not only following ecology-related law, rule, and code, but also participating to tackle higher level of environmental issues.
  3. Basic policy and basic philosophy of the above, disclosure island inside and outside the company as well as well-known to interested persons related to the Com pany.

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