Our Technology & Equipment

Reliable Machine

IHC Hydrohammer is the most reliable, and provides high performance.

Safety Control

IHC Hydrohammer provides user-friendly electric control system, which facilitates effective use of its extensive operational functions.

Control Unit (C-32)
Control Unit (C-32)

Japanese first time driving underwater by S-500
Japanese first time driving underwater by S-500

Easy to operate

The electronic control system controls piling driving and hydraulic oil flow. Necessary data such as blow energy, blow rate, operating pressure, engine rpm and error detection are displayed on control panel.
This control panel leads safety and necessary information while driving underwater;

Emergency stop

IHC Hydrohammer would be stopped by the following.

  • Pile penetrates ahead of driving pile
  • Hammer placed over pile top incorrectly
  • Blow energy was bigger than expected
  • Setting Hydraulic hose incorrectly
  • While driving underwater, water level inside the piling hammer rises too far

Report pile data automatically

Printer of hydrohammer would be able to print out the following;

  • Name of Jobsite
  • Pile number
  • Date
  • Begging and End of penetration
  • Penetration amount
  • blow rate of 25 cm per penetration
  • Average blow energy of 25 cm per penetration
  • Blow count of each minute
  • Total blow count
  • Total blow energy
  • Error message


IHC Hydrohammer is suitable to the following condtion;

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