Our Technology & Equipment

Usage Environment

Versatile Ability

IHC Hydrohammer could be used in almost every terrestrial environment.(“land work or offshore construction,” “above or under water”)

For more than 30 years, IHC has been developed and manufactured innovative hammer with its experience.

The most biggest hammer S-2300 The smallest hammer S-35
The most biggest hammer S-2300
The smallest hammer S-35

Leader guided pile driving with S-500. Pile speech(φ1,500 mm Length 80 m)
Leader guided pile driving with S-500.

Consecutive Operation and Displayed “Blow Energy”

Blow energy can be displayed by each blow, and also adjustable from 3 % to 100 %

Integral structure and Reliable Operation

Only Composition of few parts, but there were no bolts, hose and other connection inside the hammer. Valves and sensor was placed on outside of the hammer, moreover, it is easy to be replaced. These fact assist performance and reliability of hammer.

Underwater Driving Monitoring System

Hydrohammer is equipped with built-in sensors, enable accurate control and monitoring of piling driving, even in underwater.

All-out effort

Examine all kinds of pile with IHC hammer at both land work and offshore, IHC hammer is proven as most reliable and easy to operate.

Special Feature

World Wide support

IHC provides world-wide service like assisting simulation of pile driving, selection of hammer and operation.

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