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Primary Specification


Length 32.0 m Width 10.0 m Depth 2.5 m
Dead Draft 1.0 m Displacement Tonnage 600.0 ton
Loading Weight 0.0 ton Loading Soil Weight 0.0 m3


Max. Excavating Height 12.2 m Max. Excavating Depth 11.5 m
Max. Excavating Radius 15.5 m Min. Rotating Radius 5.9 m
Rotating Speed 5.7 rpm Bucket Capacity 2.8 m3
Boom Length 8.2 m Arm Length 5.6 m

Rammer Hydraulic Breaker Specification G100CITY

All Equipment Weight 3800 kg
Blow Energy 9000 J Number of Blow 350-550 /min
Permission Hydraulic Fluid Flow Quantity 220-350 L/min
Excavator Lowest Pressure 210 kg/cm2
Operation Pressure 155-165 kg/cm2 Excavator Weight 40-70 t
Distance from the Breaker of an 85dB(A) Noise Level 18-24 m

※The indication technology data are reference levels and may change rammer company without a notice.

Ship Handling Winch

Winding Load 3.0 t×1 units
5.0 t×1 units
Winding Speed 3.0 t×15.0 m/min
5.0 t×15.0 m/min

Electric Facility

Main Generator 60 KVA×1 units Internal Combstion 81 ps×1 units

Each specification

Spec Specification sheet of vessel(178KB)
Bucket spec Specification sheet of vessel(228KB)
Breaker spec Specification sheet of vessel(122KB)
Ripper spec Specification sheet of vessel(119KB)
Clam Shell Bucket spec Specification sheet of vessel(228KB)
Specification sheet of Hydrauric Bucket(54KB)

Construction Achievement

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