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Primary specification


Length 54.0 m Width 21.0 m Depth 5.0 m
Full Draft 4.0 m Displacement Tonnage 4,400.0 ton

C/P Facility(The details refer to PDF specifications)

Capacity of Concrete Pump 110.0 m3/h×1 units Boom Length Arm length:20m + Casing = 43.36m
Arm length:30m
Coarse Aggregate Capacity 798.0 m3 Fine Aggregate Capacity 632.0 m3
Cement Capacity 120.0 ton×4 units
Mixer Capacity 2.0 m3×2 units Water Tank Capacity 390.0 m3

Ship Handling Winch

Winding Load 15.0 t×6 units Winding Speed 15.0 t×12.0 m/min

Electric Facility

Main Generator 700 KVA×2 units Internal Combstion 900 ps×1 units
830 ps×1 units
Sub Generator 150 KVA×1 units Internal Combstion 190 ps×1 units

Pollution Control Equipment

Pollution Control Equipment Closed system liquid-waste-treatment equipment is equipped, and reuse of sewage is aimed at.

Each specification

Spec Specification sheet of Vessel(707KB)

Construction Achievement

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